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    Strawberry vanilla jam

    Ingredients: strawberries (50%), sugar, lemon juice – acidity regulator, pectin – gelatinizing agent, vanilla (0,1%).

    • with lemon juice, without citric acid
    •  distinctive sweet taste enriched with the aroma of real vanilla
    • intense, nice color
    • gluten free

    Manually selected

    Only natural ingredients

    Traditional recipe

    No artificial additives

    No gluten

    Made in Poland

    Our neighborhood is one of the oldest strawberry growing places in Poland. Plantations were established before the First World War. In Pająków, strawberries grow practically in every second field.

    Strawberry jam with vanilla contains numerous polyphenols present in strawberry fruits, such as anthocyanidins, flavonols, tannins, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and blood vessel sealing properties. It also has a lot of fiber and tiny seeds to aid digestion.

    Vanilla improves our mood and soothes anxiety. It helps to deal with discouragement and fatigue. It reduces nervous tension, and if we eat in stressful situations, add vanilla to the dishes – it inhibits the activity of centers in the brain that are responsible for it.

    Strawberry jam with vanilla has an intense, nice color, which proves that a large part of the health-promoting properties of fresh strawberries are preserved. Instead of citric acid, commonly used in jams, we added lemon juice. 

    Nutrition Information:

    Energy595 kJ/140 kcal
    Protein0 g
    Fat0 g
    – of which saturates0 g
    Carbohydrate35 g
    –of which sugars34 g
    Salt0 g

    Pasteurised. Net weight: 235 g. Prepared with 46 g of fruit per 100 g.

    The product contains over 30% less sugar than jams with a total sugar content of 60 g per 100 g of product.

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