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    Red cabbage salad

    Ingredients:  red cabbage, onion, sugar, rapeseed vegetable oil, apple concentrate, lacid acid- acidity regulators, cloves, raisins

    • without vinegar and thickeners
    • ready after opening the jar
    • large firm strips
    • gluten free

    Manually selected

    Only natural ingredients

    Traditional recipe

    No artificial additives

    No gluten

    Made in Poland

    Some vegetables gain health properties after proper culinary treatment. These include red cabbage, rich in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-cancer compounds, it should be consumed after crushing and heating. Only then are the compounds contained in the cabbage – glucosinolates, transformed into valuable isothiocyanins.

    Joanna Bielewska, MSc, dietitian

    Red cabbage owes its antioxidant properties to the high content of vitamin C, A and polyphenols. These compounds prevent the occurrence of dangerous oxygen stress for the body. Oxygen stress causes damage and changes in cells leading to the formation of cancer. In order for the cabbage preserves to retain their valuable properties, the cabbage must be firm and vivid in color, like our red “blue” cabbage .

    Our red “blue” cabbage has an intense pinkish color. It does not contain commonly added vinegar. Raisins give it a delicate sweet flavor. After opening the jar, there is a pleasant aroma. The cabbage strips, packed quite tightly in the jar, are firm.

    Nutrition information:

    Energy534 kJ/127 kcal
    Protein2,1 g
    Fat4,6 g
    – of which saturates0 g
    Carbohydrate19 g
    – of which sugars13 g
    Salt0,9 g

    Pasteurised product. Net weight: 500g.

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