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    Ingredients: sauerkraut (white cabbage, salt), carrot

    • ready after opening the jar

    Manually selected

    Only natural ingredients

    Traditional recipe

    No artificial additives

    No gluten

    Made in Poland

    Some vegetables gain health properties after proper culinary treatment. They include, among others cabbage. The antioxidant properties of cabbage increase after being processed, shredded and heated. Properly prepared cabbage can also be eaten by people with digestive problems.

    Joanna Bielewska, MSc, dietitian

    Recently, a lot of research has been carried out to see whether the compounds found in cabbage may have a cancer-preventing effect. These studies have shown that there are 3 groups of compounds in cabbage with anti-cancer properties. They are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and glucosinolates.

    Our sauerkraut is pasteurized, which makes it softer, softer and less acid than cabbage straight from the barrel.

    Nutrition information:

    Energy82 kJ/20 kcal
    Protein1,4 g
    Fat0 g
    – of which saturates0 g
    Carbohydrate2,9 g
    – of which sugars2,0 g
    Salt0,8 g

    Pasteurised product. Net weight: 670g.

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