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tradycja i natura - przetwory Krokus



We produce for you healthy and tasty products with a taste typical of traditional Polish cuisine. We try to resemble preserves once very popular, today somewhat forgotten as compotes. We also meet the contemporary expectations of our clients, which is reflected, among others, in line of jam without added sugar or organic preserves.

Therefore, in the composition of our preserves you will not find any preservatives, flavors, dyes or other additives characteristic of mass food. We use proven old recipes, and we use non-industrial production methods.

“When creating our products, we follow three principles. First of all, it should be so tasty that we ourselves cannot resist our products, and secondly, we make preserves as it was once done in our homes, according to tried and tested recipes from the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Third, in the production process, we try to preserve as much nutritional value as possible of fresh fruit and vegetables. “

Czesław Caryk – the founder of the companyPERFECT LOCATION

We are deeply rooted in our local community. We buy fruit and vegetables from local farmers who are very knowledgeable about crops. It is influenced by the centuries-old horticulture traditions of the region, as well as agricultural education and access to current knowledge held by our suppliers.

In our region, the climate with plenty of sunny days, varied soils, varied terrain and rich gardening traditions are conducive to the cultivation of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

It was in the nearby Benedictine abbey in Sieciechów that the first fruit tree nursery in Poland was established, and in Puławy in 1862 the Polytechnic and Agricultural and Forest Institute was established, the first such institution in this part of Europe, educating students from all over Poland and the tsarist empire.

Work based on GHP / GMP and HACCP is as important as the raw material. The combination of these two elements allows us to produce preserves of the highest quality.

doskonałe położenie - natura - przetwory Krokus

“We have been cooperating with most of the suppliers for many years, we share our experience and support them substantively. This cooperation allows us to obtain fresh raw material of the highest quality. “

Henryka Szczepanek, purchasing specialist

Traditional methods

lokalne owoce i warzywa Krokus

Local fruit and vegetables

Stare tradycyjne przepisy

Old regulations

Świeże przyprawy w przetworach

Fresh spices


Tasty, homemade preserves that we eagerly reach for ourselves

Rooted in the Polish culinary tradition

We prepare our preserves such as our great-grandmothers, mothers used to make at home. We also reach for cookbooks that have been in our family for several generations.

For any occasion and any time of the day

We selected the products so that we could offer you something for every meal, both everyday and elegant occasions.

Well thought out from start to finish

We took care of the little things that may cause a slight irritation, so that the meeting with our products is a pleasure from beginning to end.


Tasty, homemade preserves that we eagerly reach for ourselves