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    Lemon syrup

    Ingredients:  lemon juice NFC (52%), sugar.

    • from the juice drained from the fruit and not from the concentrate
    • well-balanced sweet and sour taste
    • made only from lemon juice (52%) and sugar
    • unfiltered – naturally cloudy

    Manually selected

    Only natural ingredients

    Traditional recipe

    No artificial additives

    No gluten

    Made in Poland

    Traditional syrups contain fruit juice and sugar. It is worth replacing the sugar added to tea or coffee with fruit syrup, because apart from the sweet taste, we provide the body with a portion of valuable antioxidants, fruit acids and tannins derived from fruits.

    Joanna Bielewska, MSc, dietitian

    In winter, warming tea with lemon syrup, and on warm days, refreshing lemonade. The classic obscuring of sweet and sour taste in our lemon syrup makes children and adults eagerly reach for it.

    Lemon is recommended for people who have digestive problems or struggle with heartburn. A glass with warm water and lemon juice or syrup will have a positive effect on the regulation of the digestive system, accelerate metabolism, and cleanse of toxins. Although lemon is not our native fruit, we produce lemon syrup as we used to do at home.

    Combine fruit juice with sugar and pour it into bottles. It is a natural syrup, not water combined with concentrate and aromas, like most products available on the market.

    The whole truth about the syrup comes to light if we try to read the ingredients of the product we want to buy. Remember that the ingredient that is the most in a given product is always in the first place in the composition. Our syrup contains 52% lemon juice.

    The syrup is intense and sweet, so for drinking we recommend diluting it with water in a ratio of 10: 1. It gives a unique aroma to teas, and by adding ice water, you will get homemade lemonade. Lemon syrup also works great as a topping for groats, pudding, pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, omelettes, ice cream and other desserts. The sorbet made of syrup is also recommendable. Recently, coffees with the addition of fruit syrups have been very popular.

    Nutrition information:

    Energy1115 kJ/262 kcal
    Protein0,6 g
    Fat0 g
    – of which saturates0 g
    Carbohydrate65 g
    – of which sugars59 g
    Salt 0 g

    Pasteurised product. Volume 300ml

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